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This week I was able to catch up with a friend of mine from high school. Amee and I went and vistited Jessie (Bennett) West and her brand new baby boy Louis; and boy is he precious! He is just absolutely adorable and looks very much like Jessie to me. She's such a sweet person and will make a great mommy! It's so much fun catching up with old friends and seeing how they are doing. I can't believe it has been 4 years since we've graduated and it's so fun to see where we've all gone since then and how much we have all grown up!

Dad went and bought himself a Harley. Actually he probably won't keep it for long; but for now it's fun to play on it! I'm not a Harley fan really, however being on a motorcycle is always fun. Of course Josh loves driving it around and took it out quite a few times. What is it about seeing your man on a motorcycle that seems so attractive? ha. It was fun riding around with him and my dad. I haven't seen my dad on a bike for years!

One thing about Harley's is that they are LOUD!! And when you're driving next to them in your car it can be very annoying with how loud they are. However being on them you don't notice it and it's just plain fun! Well that's all I have for now. Loves!

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  1. Hey Meg! So Dad has a Harley huh? :) Doesn't surprise me at all. I'm loving your post by the way. Oh which reminds me, as we pack we are getting rid of some things. I have a green shirt, buttons up, I think 3/4 sleeves. Anyhow, it is too short ever since my surgery, are you interested in it? I can send it up with Mom if you are? Let me know. Love you!


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