Trampolines, Luau's, Sleepyheads, and Hikes


Josh and I went on a drive to the mountains after church yesterday. I still don't know where we really drove to, but I wish we would have worn tennis shoes to really hike around more. I love how hidden Idaho is; so many people just see what's off of the freeway, which is sage brush for the most part. Once you get in to the hills and drive a bit though, there are so many gorgeous places. We found a blanket in the middle of no where so Josh made sure there wasn't a dead body or anything under it, haha. As you can see we were safe. I wish we had more time to go further, but we ended up rescuing a dog! His name is Bubbles, and he's a pit bull. He was out in the middle of no where and the poor thing needed water. My first thought was how a pit bull can withstand hundreds of pounds with their jaw and I had no desire for us to get attacked; but then you could see the little guy was wagging his tail and just a sweet little guy. We got him in to the back of our car and luckily were able to find his owners; he had apparently been running along with him on the atv and obviously got tired and gave up; the owner couldn't find him so I'm so happy we did! He's such a cutie, and just very sweet!

On Friday we went to Brad and Lyndsays to play of course. We had had a long week so we were both very tired. Obviously Jenna and Josh were very sleepy; it was so adorable to see them sleeping like this. cutie pies!

On Saturday we went over to Kim's house for a Luau we had to welcome her home from New Zealand! It's so fun to meet up with friends you haven't seen for a while and catch up. Plus there was some awesome chicken! ha. It was fun to listen to her stories about her semester there and how different and similar we are from the Kiwi's. I hope one day to go there myself. Listening to her stories just brought back good memories of going to France and being away for a while. Experiences one can never forget!

Josh and I decided to sleep on the trampoline and bring back good child hood memories, haha. It seemed like a fun idea at the time; however I need more meat on my hips apparentely; they just hurt like crazy, and surprisingly it was chilly; of course to me below 70 is chilly. So we lasted a few hours before we finally went inside to a nice comfortable mattress. Hiccups decided to join us for our trampoline fun; she's a great cat to sleep with I've learned; she doesn't claw all over the place, she just curls up and cuddles with you.

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