The 2's of Josh


2 things you compliment him on while in his presence:
-His smile
-His beautiful big Blue eyes

2 compliments you make about him to your friends:
-How patient he is
-How anyone he meets instantly loves him

2 traits you married him for:
-He always makes me laugh
-He’s willing to do anything for me

2 days you cherish being together:
-Sundays because it’s the only day we get to spend the whole day together
-Saturdays because it’s our date night

2 material things you could give him if you just inherited a fortune:
-Volkswagen Golf GTI, his dream car
-A winter home in South Carolina; it’s his favorite place.

2 things you would miss the most if he left for two weeks:
-Cuddling with him at night
-His hugs

2 thoughts that crossed your mind when you first met/saw him:
-He reminded me of Harry Potter because of his hair; such a cutie. Ha!
-He was hilarious and laid back

2 favorite dates:
-Eating seafood on the River at Joes Crab Shack in Boise. Something about it was so much fun!
-Going to the Park for a picnic

2 funny/odd things you love about him:
-He says interesting statements that really make you wonder about him, ha!
-He knows the most random odd facts about everything and anything

2 places you have lived together:
-Salt Lake City, UT
-Meridian, ID

2 favorite vacations:
-Our Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta
-Our Anniversary in McCall

2 favorite future vacations you look forward to:
-Our trip back east for Thanksgiving with Josh’s family
-Peru; where Josh served his mission (and France, so I can show him where I lived)

2 things you look forward to doing together later in life:
-Going on a mission together
-Being with our whole family in the Temple

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