Two Months until Bauer!


In just 2 months we will be receiving our copy of 24-Season 6!! Those of you who know us know that we are 24 fanatics! It's been trialing not having any 24 or Jack Bauer for the past year since we didn't watch season 6 when it was on TV; the DVD's are so much better so we wait for them to come out. But some how we have managed to go on in life without it all these months, ha.

Luckily there is a lot going on the next couple months to keep us busy, so the time should just fly on by!


  1. I look forward to when the new season comes on tv. Although I can't remember whether I'm up to date on it or not. haha
    Did you see that Jack (I just forgot his real name, Keith Sutherland??? anyway...) got a DUI? That was a bit dissappointing since I've learned to enjoy him since I've started 24. But I guess I've got to remember the actors are different than their characters huh? haha

  2. It is true Kristin, Kiefer did get a made me sad as well. I just hope he learns from his mistake and betters himself! I thought about writing him a letter of support...hahah..okay, I"m not that lame.

  3. just a note...KEIFER SUTHERLAND, got a DUI not Jack Bauer!!! it's important to know the diffrence. now i think we all know that JB surely has some issues so lets keep him in our postive thoughts.


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