Lost and Found


Well those who know me know I am an animal lover and there are many who probably think it's crazy and weird how much I love them and worry about them; but let me remind you they are God's creatures and he expects us to treat them with love. haha. As a child there were many dogs I took in and kept in the shed thinking I was saving their life from the streets, ha. I really would love to be involved in some way saving and helping animals some day.
Well yesterday I found 2 little stray dogs wandering around and the shaggy one was limping; they were trying to cross the street nearly getting hit. It just breaks my heart to see animals walking around on such busy streets where they shouldn't be. I wanted to help them get home!
So I got out of my car and they ran straight to me; they were both very friendly. They didn't have any tags; so I got them in my car and took them to the Vet to have them checked for the Chip; sadly they didn't have them. So then I knocked on doors around the neighborhood that was closest and just asked around; sadly no luck. So I had to do what worried me the most; take them to the Humane Society. All I could think about is what if the owners don't call and pick them up and they end up getting put to sleep; it makes me so sad just thinking about the poor animals that are put to sleep. But I knew I needed to take them there because that is where the owner would look.
I had to wait until this morning because it was night time and they close at 6pm. So they stayed on our balcony and we got them some food and water and blankets.So this morning I took them and I was so sad walking in there; but it turned out great!! The lady that helped me said she had recieved a call asking for 2 dogs that they are missing; one a Datson and the other a shaggy mix! That has to be them!! So I am very happy and relieved that they are probably back in their home tonight!
Make sure your pets have tags!! If you can, get the CHIP! Then you don't have to worry about it falling off; it's very worth it and you'll get your pet back!
Here are the pics of the little guys; not the type I would get, but I still grew to love them, ha.

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  1. Good job Meagan, way to save those animals! :)


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