Staging and Upholstery Fun!


Well today I finally got to learn more about staging! Aundi (Helena's daughter) and I went to her Aunt's today and spent the day decorating their great room and it was a lot of fun! For the first time I re-upholstered chairs; sounds boring to some I'm sure but I loved it! I learned so much just in one day about why you put this here, and that there, or why you don't, etc. Aundi finally told me to just go at it and do what I wanted and see how it turns out; I was nervous because one, it's not my house, and two, I didn't want to be told "um, that doesn't look good" ha. But I did it and it and just trusted in myself and knew I wouldn't learn without making mistakes; and it turned out great! I was so happy I wasn't told "that looks horrible"!
We're going back tomorrow to do some finishing touches. This business definitely helps you be more open minded, I love it! It's amazing what little easy changes can do to a room; this is so much fun!!


  1. Oh good, I'm glad you are learning this stuff because now you can teach me how to re-upholster things. I've wanted to learn how to do a chair or a couch. I'm told it is a cheap way to quickly update a room.

  2. I had homework to upholster a chair at home; hopefully I get a good grade! ha. Today I will ask her if she's ever reuphostered a couch! Then she can teach me, and I can teach you!

  3. It seems that you really had a lot of fun. I'm so happy that you can have a job that you love and can learn new things. It looks like fun!

  4. Great job with the upholstering. Can I just make a suggestion with your blog? The new background is a nice look, but I had a hard time reading the words. Of course, it could be because my eyes are 51 years old.


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