New England: Sunday


We arrived at midnight on Saturday so Sunday was when we got going. I just love how many trees there are everywhere! Driving down the freeway is gorgeous and makes the drive go by quickly. We went to church with Pam the kids and it was fun meeting people from Josh's old ward. This is Josh's parents cute 100+ year old home. Tuesday it snowed a little bit!

Pam made Shepards Pie for dinner! I have never had Shepards pie before but I have heard about it alot so I was very excited to try it. It was delicious! I want to make it for dinner now!

The best part of the night and the whole trip was finding these books that Josh had written when he was little! I love seeing picture of Josh growing up and learning about his life on the east coast (quite different from over here) and to find these books was so neat! I can't wait for our kids to see them one day! I am so thankful to Pam for letting us take them home; they are our best souvenir!!

This is the beautiful view from Josh's room! I loved waking up each morning and looking out the window to all these colors! Fall is so gorgeous back east!

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  1. The guy in the pictures above, is that Josh's brother? Because they look alike. Oh and Shepherd's Pie, I had that once and it was okay. Maybe I should try your mother-in-law's recipe. That is the one dish Jeff hates, he doesn't like potatoes mixed with anything really. One of his things. Oh is the ward big?


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