New England: Friday


We started out Friday perfectly by going to the Boston Temple. Josh sang at the dedication of this Temple where he met and talked with President Hinckley. This Temple (100th) had the most debate when building so it's a true blessing it is up. It was of course beautiful and I enjoyed being able to go to a session with Pam and the Bitter's.

We stopped by Harvard Square and of course went to Harvard. I love the old buildings and all the trees. In then end it is just a school; but it was still fun to go and see the school I wanted to go to back in the day. Harvard has been around since the 1600's!

One thing I loved about back east are there adorable chubby fuzzy squirrels! They are so cute! And the squirrels at Harvard were not shy; they came right up to us! I loved it! I wanted to take one home!

Hanging out on the 'T'

At the top of the Prudential Building; a great view of Boston! I just wish I could get the other pics to load! Oh well.

We ended Friday night by going to the Ence's; Josh's second family. We went to Friendly's with the Twins, Elizabeth and Meaghan. I had a great time getting to know them; they are practically Josh's sisters and such sweet and fun girls. We really enjoyed being able to see them since we didn't really get to last year. This is at 2 in the morning, so forgive how tired we all look.

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  1. Who how lucky, you were able to go to the temple. Man you guys did so much. Did you come home and want to crash and sleep for days? :)

    By the way, your hair looks good.


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