New England: Thursday - Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was fun for me because I got to hear all the awesome accents from everyone! ha. Even though they are all from the same family, they each have a different sounding 'east coast' accent; some have that 'Kennedy' sounding accent; others have that low 'how you doin' accent. So it was enjoyable for me! We had a nice time and really enjoyed hanging out with the family and getting to know them better. Josh's Nana did a wonderful job!

The Bigger Boys : Abe(the second oldest), Ben(lives in Japan-the oldest), Josh(the Cutest, and the third), and Gabe (the baby)

Football is a very important part of all Men's life on the east coast; if you are a man, you play football...haha. And Football on Thanksgiving is an absolute MUST in the Bigger's eyes. It's a cool tradition to me! They play with a bunch of men from the ward and I have heard scary things about the way they play; one year a man's leg got broken, etc. But it was really fun to watch! Josh was a Star! He made 4 or 5 touch downs, and over 5 interceptions! That's my man! His team won!


  1. I love the pictures! Out of the boys...I would have guessed Josh was the youngest. haha But it is nice to now be able to put a face to the people I have heard about. I hope to get to hear their accents someday too.

  2. You got some great pictures Meagan. Really they are good. Maybe Josh & Jeff can get the rest of the guys to play some football at Christmas huh?


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