Our Thanksgiving Vacation!


Well I have a ton to say and pictures to post so I am going to do it in sections so I don't have one massive blog!
First off, on our way to Massachusetts we stopped off at SLC. It was crazy seeing all of the down town construction and the blown up buildings. We walked around Temple Square and got to see the Tabernacle for the first time since being finished.
We went to lunch at Cafe Rio!! Mmmm mmmm mmm I miss that place! I got to see my friend Elizabeth which is always a blast and enjoy the fabulous mexican food!
That night we went to dinner with Jon and Kristin and then we went back to their place and played Last Word; it's really fun and I recommend it to everyone.

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  1. Maybe we can play Last Word at Christmas time. Did the William's family reorganize their home? I'm looking forward to all the posts about Mass.


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