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Well forever I have tried to convince Josh to go running with me, but he hates running unless it's competition; he did track in HS. BUT....he will go speed walking with me! yeah!!! He says he doesn't see why he should run with walking does the same thing; which is true, it's just as good and better on your knees; which is great for me because I have to be careful with my knees from years of tennis and running. So we have been walking 4 miles a day together which is really nice time with one another actually. Living in the city we walked everywhere together all the time; I miss living down town for that reason; but this makes up for it! This will be great whenever we get pregnant because it keeps me in shape while getting huge, and keeps him away from 'sympathy' weight! ha.


  1. First, I like your cute graphic.

    I like taking walks with Jeff too. Makes me feel healthy & good time with my husband. We probably won't be taking many walks for awhile, with the snow.

    I'm glad you guys have something you like to do together. :)

  2. That is so cool, We were definatly a bad pair at trying to go walking. It is so fun to be able to do things with your spouse like that.

  3. Where do you find such cute graphics? I like your little guy.


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