It's Christmas Time


I can not believe we are already here again; Christmas Time! This year I am especially excited for the Holidays because all of the Bodily's will be together!! Danielle and Jeremy will come down from Seattle, Allison and Jeff and 'Rees'es Pieces will come from Minnesota, and Jon and Kristin will come from SLC! Brad and Lyndsay and the kids and Josh and I are of course here in Idaho.
We all have to really enjoy and appreciate these times that we're all together since we're all so far away from one another now. Thankfully that won't be forever.
I just love when our family gets together, we are all so blessed; we really have a wonderful family, everyone gets along and it's always a great time with one another. As you grow up and experience more in life you really grow to appreciate your family more and more. We truly have the best family ever! We have grown from a family of 9 to a family of 18 with one on the way and many more to come! It's awesome!
I am so thankful for all of my family and friends!
I have really enjoyed getting the tree and decorations up this year; we are especialy excited about our Red Sox stockings!
I hope we all rememeber the true reason for this holiday; well of course you will! It just breaks my heart that there are people trying to take Christ out of this holiday when he is the true reason for it. But I know we all truly know and understand! I am lucky to be surrounded by such great friends and family!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Our Christmas Tree

Our Stockings! Go Red Sox!


  1. Love the socks! The tree looks good too. It looks like Santa has already been to your place.

  2. Your decorations look great. And amen, our family is fantastic. I'm excited. Hey, I want to put a countdown on our blog as well, how did you do that? Did it mess with your links to other blogs?

  3. I love your tree! I am jealous, we aren't putting ours up this year since we were be away for Christmas. Oh well, less to put away I guess.

  4. My goodness, you guys are WAY ready for Christmas. I still need to start shopping... yikes!!

  5. Your tree is so pretty, I love the stockings, they are very cute.


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