New England: Saturday - Farewell


Well the trip was all around wonderful! We just relaxed on Saturday for the most part by sleeping in!! That was wonderful. Packed up the rest of our stuff, and went on our way. We stopped off at Papa Gino's for pizza! It is very delicious!

We really had a great time back east hanging out with the family and finally being able to see where my husband grew up! I hope we are able to go at least once a year! I'm happy I was able to meet all of Josh's brother's finally. And now I have a new sister in law I can't wait to meet one day! Plus they are having a baby in March so I'll have a new neice or nephew!

I love New England and really hope one day Josh and I will be able to have a home on the coast when we strike it big! ha.

Coming home went very smoothly; all the flights were on time! We flew in to SLC and then drove back to Idaho on Sunday.

This whole week we have had off as well which has been really nice for Josh and I to just relax and do whatever we please. I got the Christmas Tree up! We even got Red Sox stockings! I will post pictures of this later. Gotta go! Loves!

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  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I like how you did it one day at a time so there weren't 1800 pictures at once. I feel like my posts can have way too many pictures at one time!


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