Christmas and New Years Festivities!


Well I made Collages for each of our festivities! They are small, but if you click on them you can see them bigger.

First we had Ryan's big 8th birthday!! We had a great time playing Christmas Mafia and Rock Band.
Then we had our Sibling Group Date! It was such a blast and so fun for us all to be together. We made Gingerbread houses and Josh and I won! I thought everyone's were cute! Thank you mom for the ornaments!
Then we had ourBodily Christmas Party; again such a great time. I am happy Grandpa and Joyce were able to come! Josh won a sweet 20 inch Lazy Susan! Ha. I am actually excited about it.
Christmas morning Josh and I had our own Christmas; it was nice to sleep in. Thank you for the Gold's memberships honey! Then we went to my parents; Josh enjoyed playing his Mini Ping Pong. Mom made us girls a Family Recipe Book of which I am ecstatic about! She put a lot of effort in it. And of course dinner was great because we had Chicken Rolls!
We went ATV'ing with mom, dad, and Kevin. Those hand warmers on the atv's make a world of a difference. It was a perfect day and we had a great time; saw a ton of deer too and a Bald Eagle!
New Years Eve Josh and I went to the Humanitarian Bowl; Josh was on channel 7 news. New Years Eve is such a blast with our family. We just eat and eat tons of food and the night is full of activities. I have never had a New Years Eve fly by so quickly. We played Moods, Gestures, and of course ROCK BAND! Ethan and Emily and baby Silas joined us which was very fun! We also had a bon fire, but man was it chilly that night!
New Years Day we went up to Tamarack to go tubing! It was such a blast! They have lifts so that makes very handy, as well as they provide the tubes. We would all group together and get pretty wet; I posted a video with some clips in my last post. We drove up in mom and dad's RV which was nice because we could sleep on our way back; as well as we were able to have delicous soup mom made; it was such a wonderful day!
Well we had a great holiday season and so many memories to cherish. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!


  1. Those are great, no idea how you did that. You are so wonderful at the blogs. I have to get some of your pictures. :) See you soon at the baptism!

  2. Looks like you guys had a busy and fun time. Love the Red hats!!!

  3. Your pictures are so stinking cute! I loved this post!

    I like the picture of Josh and the Poodle stuffed animal thing... random!?! :)

    You guys are such a dang cute couple!


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