Happy Crepe Day!


Saturday, February 2nd was Crepe Day! Groundhogs day in America, but Crepe Day in France! I prefer to celebrate Crepe Day because I love love love Crepes, and I could care less about a groundhog. I wish I would have taken pictures, but I didn't think of it. Emily and Ethan and baby Silas joined us for some delicious dessert crepes...mmmm, I could eat them again and again. Next time we will have to include dinner crepes as well. Josh made the crepes for the first time and he did a wonderful job! Thanks for joining us Despain's! Until next year!!


  1. Oh they look so very yummy! Do you have a crepe maker or do you just use a frying pan? Oh BTW thanks for creating the recipe blog we are going to try some of them. They all look so delicious. Macadi loves to cook so I think I will let her have at it and try some.

  2. Yeah for Crepe day! I'm trying to think of what to do along with Crepe day. Jeff is sick of watching Groundhogs Day. This year we watched a french movie, but it wasn't the greatest.

  3. I love celebrating any holiday possible! The crepes were really good I think Josh should make us some more

  4. I thought those crepes were ones you had made at first! I was floored! Though I'm sure yours looked just as good! I think you should have quarterly crepe days. :) Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :)


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