Well I haven't posted in a bit; we've been very busy and a lot has been going on. Josh is working on going back to the bank hopefully soon, but we don't want to say too much until it actually happens; so pray for us. We have been looking at some homes and found one in our ward we really love! So we'll just see what feels like the best decision. Just a lot going on and we're really happy and anxious about the future.
I have two sisters and their husbands moving to Idaho in the next coming months so that is very exciting!
Last night we got to hang out with two men from Sweden who are here for the Special Olympics; the Olympics aren't till next year so this is kind of a practice. They are staying with my parent's for a couple of days. One of them is named Hans and he is 19 and does Downhill and Cross Country; the other is the coach named Yan. They are both really nice and fun to talk to. Yan told me I look Swedish, I have heard this more times than I can count, especially in France, so to hear it from an actually Sweden I guess it must be true.
Opening Ceremonies are on Monday so that will be fun to go to. I'll have to post some pictures of our friends soon.
Hope everyone is doing well! I need Spring to be here!


  1. Its been interesting and enjoyable having Jan Inge and Hans stay with us. We are fortunate that they speak fairly good English. They were interested in going to the Mall today. They weren't the only ones. We saw other Olympians and coaches there. Tonight we are going to a Hoe Down. I'll be posting something about this whole experience when our weekend is over.

  2. So you're looking for a house? Exciting. Good luck with the home and the job.


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