V-Day Party!


Last Saturday we had a 'Valentines Day' party at Ethan and Emily's HOME!! There was lots of good food and plenty of great times! We played the Flour Game, Moods, and danced the night away with glow sticks. Thanks E&E for letting us color your home with the glow sticks! ha. Not sure the dogs loved it too much. Next up: St. Patricks Day Party! This is especially special for Josh since he's Irish! ha.
Josh and I dancing the night away, we all had a blast dancing. We had the glow sticks on so it looks like the orange stick Josh had on his head is a hat.
I think we are all still amazed an in aw as to how we managed to let it go this far! It's like the same width as the penny!
Josh had some pretty sweet moves; sadly for him he had to find the penny twice.
Finding the Penny
As you can see, he experienced a LOT of flour! Good job babe!
The Flour game; it's a blast! Everyone but Ethan and Steve had to dig in there with their mouths to get the penny. Good times! It's almost like Jenga.
We had a ton of fun with the glow sticks...note, when you break them, you can really create a beautiful atmostphere on your ceiling!


  1. This was quite a party! I love the pictures of the infamous pillow. Who knew the six of us could have so much fun

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast! It's really too bad that we missed out.

  3. What a fun idea, a V-day party. Looks like you all had a great time.


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