Got Milk?


Saturday I went with Josh to Emmett to deliver a 5w to his customers. I knew it wouldn't be too exciting since it's Emmett, but it would be nice to just spend time with Josh, and that is always fun no matter what.
Well, low and behold this was like the best date night we have ever had!! haha. His customers own the largest Dairy Farm in the area; they are from Portugal and some of the nicest people and customers ever! They even asked to take us to dinner after we were finished. It was so much fun just hanging out with them. They were very sweet.
When Josh told me they were Dairy Farmers I thought "I want to milk a cow!". ha. I never have before and I was curious if I could do it, and...I did!! It was so much easier than I had thought! Both Josh and I had so much fun learning all that goes in to Dairy farming; it's a lot of work! We learned a lot of interesting facts. We both tried fresh raw milk for the first time, and it is surprisingly good; I didn't think I would like it because I do not like whole milk from the store, but this was so much better! Josh didn't particularly love the milk straight from the cow because it was warm, but being a city boy he really found all this fascinating. We got to see a calf that was just 1 hour old and still a little wobbly; it was cute and loves to suck on your fingers.
Well I do not want to write too much, so here is a quick video of our little adventure on the farm.


  1. Looks like he has a huge farm. I am so glad you guys had such a fun date night!

  2. The calf is really cute. Though watching you drink milk from a cow, kind of grossed me out. :) I thought it would be gross...Does look like you had a fun time, and unique dates are always great. :)

  3. I love milk that is fresh from the cow! Well, not as fresh as you had it, I do prefer to drink it from a cup, and to have it in the fridge first so it is cold. One of my uncle's used to have a dairy farm, so when ever we went to visit them we always had fresh milk, and it is 10 times better than any store bought milk. If it wasn't so much work, and if the cow didn't smell so bad, I would totally want my own cow to milk so I could have fresh milk all the time. :)

  4. Oh and to respond to your question about how many pina colada's I had...I only had one unfortunately. I would have had more, but they were a little over 7 dollars for one, so I decided to not get carried away! :)

  5. Oh my gosh! That video was awesome!! How stinkin' fun!!! I want to have a farm now!... okay maybe I'll just go visit one instead!


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