It's that time of year


Well with Spring here that means busy busy busy! For Josh mostly since this is when it starts to get busy for the dealership; which is good because it means more sales obviously. It just means we don't get to see as much of each other because he can sometimes work until 9 at night; the dealership isn't open that late; but customers choose to stay that late sometimes. Josh has been out at the sale in Caldwell the past couple of days and will be until next Saturday. Thankfully we always have our Sundays together!
Monday we start full force on the Parade Homes, so I too will be on my toes and on the go! I am excited though, especially for the contemporary home; just means the two of us will be pretty exhausted.
Update on the bank; they aren't allowed to hire right now because of how bad the economy is; so until that perks up a bit and they are allowed to hire Josh will stay at the dealership. All in good time; he'll be back when it's right.
Last night we helped Brad and Lyndsay move in to their new home! It'll be weird not visiting them in the home they've lived in for 8 years; however we'll still be going to that old home since Jeremy and Danielle will be living there for awhile. Speaking of Danielle and Jeremy; they arrive next Thursday!! I am so very excited to see them. I am very happy for Josh to finally be able to get to know them better, he always has a great time with them when we've all been together, but it'll be nice to have tons of time with them! It's so nice to have family moving here; soon we'll all be together again! Tonight we'll be decorating eggs, I enjoy this every year!
Time to go, I'm hungry!

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  1. i think it'll be great that the cousins will be able to play together. and at least you guys aren't bored. oh, have you heard about that house you were thinking about buying?


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