Relaxing Week


This past week has been really nice. Josh and I have just spent it together every night. We have been so busy with a million other things we haven't taken the time to just stop and relax with one another. So we have been resting and just spending some alone time finally. We found a home in Boise we really love. It's in an established area off of Five Mile close to where my family used to live when I was young. I love Boise and that area so it would be great to go back. It has a huge yard which is always a plus since we are the type who likes to spend a lot of time outside and we want dogs. It's a great deal, but we are still waiting for the bank; we don't want to rush in to anything, especially something this important. So we will just see how things work out.
I am going with Josh today to deliver a motor home; I enjoy doing this with him because it's fun seeing him in action.
I staged a home this last Monday with Aundrea, and started on a Parade Home on Thursday. We still need to shop for more accessories and furniture. We are doing a baby room and a craft room. It's a contemporary home in Tuscany, and definitely the most fun home for me to stage because I love love love contemporary.
Well we are doing well, staying busy, and just enjoying life. Very excited for mom and dad's pool to be finished and it to warm up a bit more so we can swim all summer!
I am going to finish my movie right now; Mighty Joe Young is on and I absolutely loved this movie when I was little. I remember Kristin and I convinced a little neighbor boy that the gorilla in the movie was real and actually mine. We were funny young kids.

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  1. You lied to a little boy?! Shocked! Just kidding.
    I hope you'll show pictures of the house if you buy it. I like that area over there. It is pretty exciting that you'll have a house hopefully soon. :)


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