Cafe Rio...I need you!!


Beloved Cafe Rio Salad Well I struggle without my Cafe Rio to comfort me when in the need of Mexican food; it is by far the best I have ever had, that's including what we ate in Mexico; which was delicious.
Sadly we had to leave Cafe Rio behind when we moved to Idaho and many have tried to tell me delicious places to go around here but NONE of them compare, in fact most are just gross tasting now; especially Qdoba, that place is gross, there is nothing fresh about their ingredients.
The wonderful thing about Cafe Rio is you can see all the fresh ingredients right there as you walk in and they make it in front of you.
I ALWAYS get the beloved Fire Roasted Chicken Salad w/o beans or rice, oh my goodness, just writing it makes me salivate. It seems women love the salad and men stick with the gigantic Burritos; Josh misses these as well and says nothing here compares.
I have desperately emailed Cafe Rio multiple times pleading to get a location in Boise; they would blow everyone away and there are plenty of people who have lived in Utah that are here now that miss Cafe Rio; so maybe someday my dream will come true. As for now I have found recipes online that supposed to be very close to the real thing; their Tomatillo salad dressing is the best! You can see it at the bottom right of the pic. So I will be trying them out soon, wish me luck.
Josh and I will definitely have to be traveling to SLC sometime soon so I can get a must needed salad!


  1. I am so the same way! Everytime we drive through Utah we HAVE to stop. There is also one near my parents house in AZ so I can get a salad there when I visit. The salads are the best...Durango''s okay but it is NO CAFE RIO!!!
    On Monday I recieved a letter from Brad's Aunt with recipes for what she says is "as close as she has ever had" to cafe rio salad stuff. If you want a copy...just say the word. You could probably pull it off easier than I. #1 the prep involved...#2 I have kids that wouldn't eat it. Hey maybe we should have you over and make salads....if you make some of the stuff and I make some...hey and maybe Emily could make some...Cafe Rio party!!!

  2. I am getting one right by my house!! I love that place! Next time you come out, the four of us will go.

  3. I think I only ate there once, with you guys, and I thought it was good. I do prefer Mexican places in Idaho myself, but I think we are going for different styles of food. I go for the bean dip made by a mexican and I think you go for a great salad. With the way Boise is growing, you just might get a Cafe Rio sometime, or you can just go visit Kristin. :)

  4. Wow, an ENTIRE blog about one place to eat and one entree. Is it the pregnancy cravings talking or is it just THAT good!?!?

  5. CAFE RIO IS THE GREATEST!!! You are making me miss it right now too! And the dressing is by far the best ever!

  6. Meagan have you tried Costa Vita yet? It's in Meridian off Eagle Road. It's still no Cafe Rio, but definitely satifies the cravings.


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