Great Great News all around!!


Okay big stuff... first off real quick; the Parade Homes were just judged and we (Helena's Interiors) just found out that the Brighton Home we did got 1st place in design!!! And our Eaglewood home got 3rd I believe in a couple things! That is always nice to hear that your work is appreciated!
But now for the BEST NEWS!

Josh has a NEW JOB!!!! A couple weeks ago he was offered a job with Citi (3 minutes away from our place) and he starts on the 5Th of May. We are so very excited and grateful for this amazing blessing. I am very happy for Josh and even more grateful for the amazing benefits! I am so happy that Josh is going to have such great hours and be able to spend time with our baby, as well as we will get to do things this summer we weren't able to last.

This is a huge blessing and I am overwhelmed with gratitude; we feel so good about the decision to work with Citi and Josh is very excited. Ahhh, I just wish I knew how to express everything that is going on in my head right now. This was such a weight lifted off of our shoulders. Josh is going to be so much happier, which makes me happy! This came at the perfect time.
Who knows what's ahead, but we're excited to find out and start out this new journey!

By the way; Josh and I find out the sex of the baby this Friday. I will be announcing it on our baby blog, so stay tuned. Hope everyone is doing well. loves!


  1. Good Job, Meagan on the Parade Homes, that's awesome! And Congratulations to Josh and both of you on the new job! I'm sure you will both be happier now! I know Justin was after he left James and sitting on his butt all day behind! Haa! (although, I'm sure the Meridian store is MUCH busier) Well, Good Luck on the new job!!

  2. Congrats to you Meagan. Glad you have so much good going on. :) And I am very happy Josh will have a job he enjoys, that will be nice for both of you.

  3. Congratulations to both you guys on the new job. Glad it worked out so well. Hopefully things will work out that well for the rest of the family looking for employment!

  4. Fan-freaking-tastic!!!! CONGRATS to both of you!!! Especially hooray for benefits! (oh the little things!) :)


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