Happy 23 to Me!


I had a wonderful 23rd birthday on Monday! This was my first birthday pregnant! My wonderful mom and sister Danielle took me to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch; always delicious! And then afterwards took me to Motherhood to get an outfit for my growing belly! Thank you Mom and Danielle! We also went to Archivers to check it out; amazing scrapbooking place, I love it! I love Paper Cottage, but it will be nice to have 2 places to go for all my scrapbooking needs.
For most of the day it was sunny, so that made me happy. Later on that day the rest of the family came over to my parents and we had a BBQ. Then my lovely husband was finally able to get off of work and make it in time for us to play Bacci Ball (fun game Allison and I learned in France) and some Croquet. It was a lot of fun!
Then we had some mighty fine delicious Strawberry Shortcake!!! Mmmm, this is the only kind of "cake" I like. What is better than fresh strawberries? I ask you!!! Nothing!
Then we played Gestures which is always enjoyable and probably good exercise at times!
Thank you Mom for my new dress! Thank you Danielle for the adorable plaque and book! And thank you Josh for my awesome Food Processor!! I was so excited, and can not wait to make some guacamole, pico de gallo, tomatillo dressing, etc etc with it!
Thank you for such a great day everyone!
PS. New Belly photo on our Baby Blog!
Delicious Cheesecake Factory
Make a Wish!

My face looks funny, like I am disappointed or something, but I love love love Cheesecake! And this one was delicious!

They had these "bellies" at Motherhood to try your clothes on with.

I had some pretty mad Croquet skills, ha

Won a Bacci Ball round!

Nice Tango Moves

Is he break dancing?
Funny pic of Josh, hand on the hip.

Josh bought me a Food Processor!! I was very happy!


  1. Looks and sounds like a great birthday. That dress in the picture looks way cute.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Looks like you had a fun one.

  3. Yeah! looks like a great birthday! OH my goodness. I want a food processes so bad! Happy B-day!

  4. Happy Birthday indeed! I'm glad it was so good!

  5. Happy late birthday!! I'm glad it was a great day for you.... Yummy Cheese Cake :)

  6. HAPPY Late birthday. I am so glad you had a good one. I am sorry I didn't email you back... its been kind of hectic lately. The book is titled Husband coached Childbirth.. The Bradley Method. Hope this helps.
    Love ya.
    PS Coming to SLC anytime soon? So I can see you and your cute belly?


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