What I loved from Conference


I really enjoyed a lot of talks this conference. I was very excited to sustain the new Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I have always loved him since I was young and Josh and I were blessed to meet him at Dee's Restaurant (of all places) haha. So I can now say I have met the prophet! Okay, that's my shining moment of the day...anywho, these are my favorite little points from Conference.

In order of when the talks were given.

*NEVER be satisfied with anything than your best efforts. -Kenneth Johnson
*Church is a place for Imperfect people to meet together. I have never heard we didn't allow *imperfect people to come to church. - Joseph B. Wirthlin
*Those who have a testimony have a duty to share it. - Dallin H. Oaks
*Avoid arrogance and pride. One man should not think himself above another. - Oaks
*If you are busy serving others, you won't have time to be offended. - Carlos H. Amado
*Do not let Satan convince you that you are beyond help. - Richard G. Scott
*We are waging a war with sin, but we need not despair. We can, and we will win! God has given us the tools. - President Monson
*It is our responsibility to find people for the missionaries to teach. -David A. Bednar
*Don't lower your standards for friends. Stand up for what you believe in. - W. Craig Zwick
*Be true servants of God, not Men Pleasers. - Zwick
*Go often to the temple. Doing so will strengthen marriages and families. - President Monson

And finally, I loved President Monson's testimony at the end. It was short, simple, and true. He said only: "This work is True".
That's all we really need to remember, if we realize that, we won't question anything.


  1. All good points, thanks for sharing. :) I loved Pres Monson's story about his wife. First, I thought, oh man scary, but of course he turned it into a funny story with a good point. :)

  2. Conference was a feast for sure!

    But what's this story about DEE'S!!???


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