20 Weeks - 5 Months!


I can't believe I am 5 months along, this means I am already half way! It actually kind of makes me sad because I don't want it to go by too fast; you only get to experience your first time being pregnant once, and so I want to enjoy every single moment of it!

Abigail is moving much more lately; I have gotten a few strong movements which always make me smile and laugh. I only feel her in my lower left abdomen, I think she's pretty squished in there according to something my doctor told me, so I don't think I have made a very comfortable home for her, ha.

She is approximately 10.5 inches long, and 10.5 oz, so she's almost 1 foot long and 1 pound!

I am feeling really good, though I seem to be beginning that stage where I don't get much sleep sadly, oh well; at least I can still fit in my jeans! ha.


  1. Meg, it looks like your belly has grown, it is getting cuter and cuter. Glad you are feeling well. And good job trying to enjoy the whole process.

  2. Now u are finally starting to look really pregnant, how fun. I'm sure as u get bigger, the time will go slower, bcuz u will get more uncomfortable, so i don't know if that is good or bad...u want the time to go slow, but u probably don't want to get miserable. hehee. Well, good luck.
    I hope i get to see u and ur belly/Abigail in person!

  3. You're adorable. And your attitude is an inspiration to me!

  4. You look so good!!!! You just have the cuttiest little belly! I am so excited for you and Josh you will both be such good parents.


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