Anniversary Destination Suggestions and Advice?!?!


Hello all: So here is the deal; this month we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary and we're thinking we want to go camping and then on this plane ride trip we keep on needing to use. But we are wanting to start planning for our 3rd anniversary; yes it's a year away, but we want to do a lot of research considering we will have our baby girl with us! She will be 7 months by then, so obviously we'll still be carrying her around.

So I am trying to figure out what would be the best decision for us; Josh thought he wanted to do a cruise next year, and part of me thinks that we might not enjoy a cruise as much with a baby that can't even walk; but I just don't know. We know we want to go someplace warm, with a beach, and lots of fun filled things to do; meaning we don't want to just be at the beach all day every day.

So I am asking for some help and advice...
1. What destinations have you been to, and what have been your favorite in the sense of plenty of activities to do other than what the resort offers?
2. For you parents out there, have you taken a trip any place exotic with a baby, and what do you recommend? Was it a cruise?
3. Who has been to other places besides the Caribbean and where? Not that we're against the Caribbean, I just like other options besides the same place that a million other people will be at.

We just need help! We went to Puerto Vallarta for our Honeymoon and we loved it, but we wished we would have done more research of where to go off of the resort and what fun activities were out there. So help me out people, give me your advice! I especially want advice from those of you who have traveled with babies and how it went, and what you would recommend.

Thanks!! Feel free to email me!


  1. I definitely would not recommend a cruise with a 7mo old baby. Not that it couldn't be pulled off, but it would not be an enjoyable trip. Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of germs running around on those cruise ships. It would just be too much hassle to cart around a stroller with you so your arms wouldn't get tired carrying a baby all the time, and it all reality, you really would not be able to enjoy all the wonderful things that come along with cruise with a little baby. Definitely a trip that you need to either take by yourself, while someone is watching your baby, but I'm sure you won't want to leave her for a week. Or, wait until she is older and will be able to enjoy the trip along with you.

  2. I've never been on a cruise, but I think I would agree with Heidi's thoughts.

    I'm not really sure what advice to give. Seems to me that is will depend on you and Josh & the baby. People parent differently, babies handle situations differently...Rees has always been a baby that wanted to do & see things, so we have to keep that in mind, think of places where he can get his wiggles out & feel entertained. But I know the Despain's baby seems to do well just sitting and watching life go by.
    Maybe ask Lyndsay, she has more kids & more experience with traveling. For Jeff & I, we would just enjoy a night alone while someone watched Rees. Which you could do, but sounds like you want to do more than that.

  3. You know I just thought of something, maybe a vacation in Seattle. I think we could do something like that with Rees, especially when he was 7 months. That would be something where we would could see lots of new things, Rees likes that. I'm sure there are plenty of restaurants where a baby would be fine. Yeah, I think that would be my suggestion for a good trip. But again, i think it will depend on you guys & your baby's personality.

  4. Well, if you want my honest opinion, here it is...

    I would suggest a nice, quiet evening at home. If you're planning on nursing the baby, then get a babysitter for a couple of hours and go out to dinner alone. If not, then you could, I'm sure, sweet talk your parents into taking the baby overnight and have the night to yourselves. I personally would save the trip, cruise, whatever for a later anniversary, when your kids are older and easier to leave behind, and you could save up some money for it. But, that's just me. The most exotic thing Brad and I have done for our anniversaries is the Anniversary Inn. We thought just a little about doing a cruise for our ten year, since it's kind of a big one, but for the "regular" anniversaries we just stay home. Heck, for our 9 year anniversary earlier this year we spent the day loading up your parents trailer!

    If you are set on a trip, then I would plan something simple, maybe to Sun Valley. I wouldn't want to travel far with a 7 month old, but you might have a baby who loves to be in their carseat and it wouldn't matter how far you traveled.

    As my dad, says, free advice is worth what you pay for it, but those are my thoughts.


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