Anniversary Weekend


Well May 18Th was our 2 year anniversary! We celebrated the next week however because of schedules. And rather than spending a week somewhere like an original plan, we decided to just do a weekend since a little bundle of joy is entering our life and we need to save for her!
So this past weekend we spent it completely down town and it was a blast! Josh and I would love to be able to move down town one day so any opportunity to be there and learn more of what's to do down there is great for us.
We woke up early and went for massages to start off our day, then to the Farmers Market; we love the Farmers Market!! Though we miss the size of SLC's. We found some awesome salsa there however and we are hooked! Shopped around at the great little shops.
We went to lunch at Bittercreek which is absolutely wonderful food. Spent some time at Julia Davis Park and went to the Museums and Discovery Center; actually pretty neat place!
We had a wonderful dinner at Mortimer's, and Dessert at the Melting Pot. Then stayed at Hotel 43, which was a neat com temporary hotel.
We also got to visit Danielle at work which was fun to see her in action!
It was a great to just relax and enjoy being alone with one another; especially since these are our last few months alone together.
I just want to say how much I truly appreciate Josh and all that he does for me and our future family. He is deeply in love with Abigail already and will be an amazing father to her. He's the best husband and more than I could ask for. He's the hardest worker I know, and an even harder worker at putting up with my impulse buys, ha. Josh has been my best friend for nearly 4 years and they have honestly been the best 4 years. We've experienced a lot together and I am so excited for the future. I would go on and on but Josh wants to hear this more than the rest of you, so I'll just tell him in private, ha.
Happy 2 years honey bunches of oats!
I love down town Boise.
Massages at the Floating Feather, always a great start to your day.
Just after our massages; I had a prenatal massage, I definitely love regular massages the best, but considering it's safer to do the prenatal at this period in the pregnancy, it was still great!
Down by the River

I'm pretty good on a saddle ;)
We went to dinner at Mortimer's. I love this place; it's very small, quiet, and a romantic place for a special occasion. The food is absolutely delicious and service is amazing. I also love that it's underground for some reason. I recommend it to anyone!

We went to the Melting Pot for dessert. I absolutely love Melting Pot for DESSERT, I think it's kind of a waste for dinner, but that is just my opinion, but the dessert is well worth it!

Josh is pretty proud of his balancing skills with the skewers. ha.

Mmmm, we love our strawberries and chocolate...this equals pure happiness.

I just really liked these lights in the hotel.Sunday night we randomly decided to pitch our tent in the middle island of mom and dad's place. We were woken up by Dottie multiple times, and the sprinklers at 4 in the morning; thank heavens we didn't just sleep out there in the sleeping bags!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. And I think you can have just as much fun and celebrate without going on a big trip, just a nice weekend can be perfect too. You are looking wonderful pregnant momma. :)

  2. Glad your celebrating was all you had hoped. One more time - Happy Anniversary!

  3. What a fun anniversary! Glad it was a good one! Here's to 2 years already!!!

  4. You are such a dang cute couple! Baby Abi has good genes coming her way!

  5. Oh my word! I'm so excited you found me! I have no clue what I'm doing on facebook and all that, but this I can do and keep in touch better. I can't believe you're going to have a little girl! Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys and you both look so happy!! I'll be checking in! (I'll add yours too our list to stalk. haha)
    Love, Nan

  6. Aww sounds like you two had a great time. And it's true these are your last few months alone. Let me just tell you though once your little one comes let your mom and dad watch her and GO OUT ALONE!! Oh my goodness Gavin and I didn't do that and I really wish we would have. Neither of our parents live here so we couldn't leave her with anyone (although we have sisters and brothers but they have babies of their own) Try to at least go out alone once or twice a month even if it's just going to the store it's really good for the relationship and it's nice to have something to look forward to :) I like the pic of josh and the skewers haha

  7. I hope this doesn't creep you out, but your blog popped up when I searched for images of cribs. Anyway, the point is, I HAVE to know where your crib is from. It is the cutest crib ever. If you don't mind, you can just leave a comment on my blog. Thanks so much.


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