Pool Party!


Well first of all, Happy Anniversary honey!! Today is our 2 year anniversary; though we are celebrating next weekend instead, so I'll be posting about that later.
Yesterday was the Grand Opening of my parents pool! I think they are going to have another Official Grand Opening when the landscaping is done. It was 93 degrees and beautiful blue skies; great weather for a pool party.
We all had a great time swimming, eating lots of good food, and being together as a family. I think many of us got quite a bit of sun; hopefully you all can move today with out too much pain, ha.
We only wish Allison, Jeff, & Rees, and Jon & Kristin could be there as well! Some day! Here are some collages of the photos we took; sadly we only had a few of Kevin since we didn't see him much during the day. Next time.

I recommend clicking them to enlarge.


  1. Oh that looks like a great time. I wish we could be there. It looks so relaxing and the food looks yummy. (i'm starving) And tell Brad to get new pictures up of Brynn because from this post she looks a lot bigger.
    And, Happy Anniversary!

  2. Oh you guys look like you are having a great time! Lucky ducks!! And you look adorable.

  3. Great pictures, I'll have to sweet talk you into emailing the ones of my kiddos.

    Yes, maybe now that Brad is unemployed he'll find the time to post some new pictures, Brynn's a whole new baby!!

  4. FANTASTIC pictures!! It looks like a wonderful time!

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! What I want to know is where was my invite to the party? lol Seeing how I'm practically family. :)

  6. Cool, underwater pic.s! Who's camera?
    Happy belated anniversary!!


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