23 Weeks - 5 3/4 Months


Well our baby Abigail is now a foot long! Yes, I have a Subway sandwich in me! ;) Folded in half of course. She is almost 1 pound. Josh and I have both been able to see her move, and I have seen her move once though my clothes. The thing is I think I could see her move more if she would sit up higher; she is so low that I can't see over my belly to see her! ha. Maybe one day she'll come up higher. Last night however I had the lap top on my belly and she kicked so hard it moved the lap top! She must get her parent's muscular strength, ha.
She does move more when I play music, which I try to have playing through out the house; I'm hoping by doing so she will have the love and appreciation for music her parents do so much.
Our next appointment is next Monday the 16th, so we'll see how she's growing! I'm still feeling pretty good, some back pain here and there, but I can't complain. Still no cravings or anything. I feel pretty normal except for I have this belly attached to me now.

That is all!


  1. You look beautifully pregnant Meagan. I love to see your belly grow. :) (side note, your picture kind of looks like a drawing) Are you used to your belly being a new resting place for things? I loved that but didn't realize I was doing it until a coworker mentioned it. Glad she is moving, super cute. Wish I could see you pregnant. :(

  2. Wow Meagan! You look great and your belly has grown so much! It is so fun to see! I love it!

  3. You're starting to look prego!!! I can't wait to hear how the doc appointment goes. And OF COURSE she got your muscles. :)


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