Abi Video, Myself, and Celtics


I made a quick video with some clips of our ultra sound the other day, enjoy!
This is me at 24 weeks/6 months
I am going to start posting my belly pics on the side of the blog.
And I'm sure all of you know by now that the Celtics won!! Oh my goodness, they creamed the Lakers that last game, and it was sweet victory. I also wonder if there was a single fan of the Lakers at that game because I didn't hear any cheering whatsoever for them...Josh says they don't dare to cheer around the Bostonians, ha. I loved when the crowd started singing that song "na-na-na-na, hey hey hey, goodbye"...you should know the song from 'Remember the Titans'.
Anyways, we were both very excited, and I think I might have lost some hearing from Josh's clapping and cheering, ha. Oh and Allison, Josh didn't cry this time, ha. But he did make note that he has seen all he needs to see in Boston History. ha.


  1. You are your belly are so cute. Yay for the Celtics for Josh. We do not keep up on those kind of sports so there is no preference in our house.

  2. You are looking good. Don't forget to check my friends blog and compare you guys once in awhile. And I love seeing your ultrasounds, it is amazing.

  3. Oh my gosh I could have cried! She's really in there and she is forming and everything! That video was AWESOME. Thanks for pointing everything out... I was able to see almost everything. I wouldn't have without your explanation though!

  4. Oh and hooray for Boston!

  5. Cool video, thanks for sharing!

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