Abigail at 24 Weeks/6 Months


Well we got to see our little Abi today! She is 1lb. 9oz, and so far perfectly healthy! Everything looked great, her spine, kidneys, etc. She had her back facing my stomach so it wasn't the best position for great pictures, but it was a great position for him to be able to check everything, so I am perfectly happy with that. We did get a couple pictures but let me tell you about our daughter so far.
Dr.Lynn had to push and shove her for a good 10 minutes or so before he could finally get her to budge a little and move one arm. She was perfectly happy in her position and it didn't matter if a bomb went off in my stomach she wouldn't have let it bother her. It looked as if our child would suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome with how aggressive he had to be, and you could see her being knocked around in there; quite humorous; but still, nothing. He had to push on my stomach really hard to get these shots, so that's why it looks like she is missing her skull and has a black eye. So here she is as of now!

I am trying to get the little video up that we have of her face and arms, and her arms look ripped! I am impressed, ha. Gets it from her mom, haha. She's covering up her nose here.
He said he has never gotten a full arm shot like this, so way to go Abi!
Her eye looks really funny here with how deep the shot is, but I promise she is somewhat normal looking, ha.

I love babies lips and noses. I am so excited to go back in 5 weeks!

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  1. All of us with kids, and probably those without, know that Abigail is cute. We know that baby ultrasounds don't do the babies justice. She looks great though, I love to see all her small features. Thanks for posting. :) Maybe ask Dr. Lynn, can one get 3D pictures, but not find out the sex? It seems possible.


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