I just quickly wanted to write that for the first time Josh felt Abi!! We had just gotten home from Kevin's birthday and I decided to give it another try with putting his hand on the belly (usually she stops immediately) but she kept going for him!! Yeah! I was so excited, as was he, I loved the smile on his face feeling life inside of me and his little girl for the first time! I told her today to let her daddy feel her, and she listened! ha. (No I don't actually think she understood me when I asked that, just luck I guess!) Yeah!!!!!
Also I wanted to answer Sharea's question about her name. 2 years ago Josh woke up at 3 in the morning and said he thinks our first girls name should be Abigail. (He's known he's having a girl first since he was 19). I loved it! And I wanted her middle name to have some special meaning (since middle names make no sense other wise to me) so I wanted Kaye, after my mom! et viola, Abigial Kaye!
I think we actually have the rest of our kids named already, ha.

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  1. Yeah for Josh! That is so exciting. Aren't babies funny how they already seem to have personalities in the womb? Some let anyone feel them, some are like Abi and a bit more choosy. Well I'm glad she let her dad have a feel, it is magical. :)


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