30 Weeks!?!?!


I am sitting here amazed that I am 30 weeks along which means there are only 10 weeks left until my due date...where has the time gone I ask you!? It's seems so surreal that in just 10 weeks approx. that Josh and I will be a mom and dad and meeting our little Abigail! (Do you think I refer to her so much as 'little' because our last name is Bigger? haha, jk.)
I can't wait until our appointment in a couple of weeks; I'm hoping we do an ultra sound, though I am not sure if we are. I just want to see her and see how much she weighs and just how much she has grown since the last time seeing her.
Josh, Kevin, and I put together her crib a couple weeks ago! I will post pictures when we have the bedding put in. Thank you Kevin for helping us get the crib home and put together!
Josh and I have been doing these exercises to prepare me for labor; I'm thankful for how supporting he is and willing to do what it takes to get me through a natural birth; we know it will be hard work, but we are both excited! We are still playing tennis, and my goal is to play up until the last day! Wish me luck!


  1. Meagan, you look great & I love the outfit! :) When I first found out that you & Danielle were pregnant, it seemed like the time was going so slow, but now it is flying by. I'm so excited for you.

  2. I am so excited for you guys. You have the perfect basketball belly! I'm sure keeping fit until the end will help you recover afterwards, you look so good. How fun it must be to be getting the room all ready for her. Are you having a baby shower before or after she's born?

  3. Meagan,
    You look terrific! I'm glad that you're able to play tennis. I hope you do achieve right up to the day before.
    It's pretty exciting for you.
    Aunt Diane

  4. Meagan you have gotten rounder since I saw you a couple of weeks ago...still looking very cute and glowing. :)

  5. Just an FYI, Dr. Lynn was always good at letting me know when the next appointment would have an ultrasound so we could always bring a tape (and he usually had me tell the receptionist to schedule that room). Also, it seems like the last ultrasound is around 34-35 weeks, so it will probably be the one after your next appointment. Just be glad you get so many, with Ryan and Jenna he only did one ultrasound the whole 9 months!!!

  6. Good for you! I had both our girls natural and I loved it! It definitely makes a big difference to have a supportive husband. I couldn't have done it without Adam there! You guys will be awesome!


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