4th of July


I just realized I never posted about the 4th of July, so here's a quick summary. Dad, Josh, Kevin, Kristin, and Jon went rafting while Mom and I followed them down the river to take pictures and some video. Everything went really well, a little incident with Jon falling out and scraping himself up a bit, but everyone survived! No bloody noses or broken ankles this year!
After the river we went to Melba to watch the fire works. This little country town has quite the impressive display of fire works and some sweet explosions as well. It goes on for about 25 minutes non stop. We would recommend it to all. Thankfully we took the RV so we were able to watch movies and play games while you wait about an hour or so to get out. We played a fun game Jon and Kristin brought where you can get shocked; pretty amusing.
We got home I think at 1 in the morning or so. It was a really fun day and nice to be with family. Here are a few pictures. Mom and Kristin, can I get the pics that you took as well?

This is a video of mom getting shocked; it's kind of amusing. sorry mom. ;) The game is really fun, though the music is a bit disturbing.


  1. Weird, what is that game?

  2. I do like seeing Mom's reaction. :) Like some jerk shocked her and she is offended.

  3. You got some great pics of both the rafting and the fireworks. Glad to see you posted them.
    By the way, I forgive you for laughing at me, but I still don't like that game.


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