Girls Day


Yesterday we had our Girls Day! This is a tradition we are trying to make where the 'Bodily' girls have a day to ourselves going to lunch and just hanging out with each other. We went to Mai Thai for lunch; it was so delicious and a fun atmosphere and I am ready to go back again. Thank you mom! Then we went to Artist for a Day; we ended up being there for a few hours, where does the time go? We had a great day and were able to relax, talk, and laugh. I always enjoy the conversations and just personal time with one another. We can't wait for Allison and Kristin to be able to join us one day, we miss you guys!
Mom's came in a pineapple; delicious and pretty.

Danielle, Mom, and Me. I had to blur out what we made because it's a surprise for someone.


  1. Hey Mom cut her hair, I thought she was trying to grow it out? Sounds like you had a fun day. That would be a lot of fun some day if all the girls could be there. :)

  2. that's hilarious!! i love the blobs, good job. i'm finishing up a dresser project then i'll post k. loves

  3. I treasure any time I get to spend with my girls. Thanks for the day together.

  4. Meagan, you look great. I wish I could see you pregnant. :)

  5. Okay, when I saw the pictures, I was like, what is Danielle making that is just solid black?! Then I got it! Some days my brain just decides not to work!

    Only 3 more months to go! She'll be here before you know it (and if you're lucky she'll be early!!).


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