Crib and Bedding Preview!!!


Here is our crib and bedding!! We still aren't finished yet; Josh wants to put her name across the crib and we need to get some things hung up on the wall, as well as the crib still needs a sheet. For the most part we are pretty much all ready to go!
My amazing Mom made this bedding and we absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you Mom!!! I've been really into citrus lately and I didn't want anything frilly, so this is perfect. I love the bright colors; very vibrant and stimulating. I am so excited! I know baby Abigail could care less, but her parents are sure happy, ha. Below I posted some detailed pics:) Thank you again mom, you're so wonderful to all of us.

We really like the crib, it has bead board which is what we would love in our home one day.
Just a different viewClose up of the outside of the bumper
This is the inside of the bumper, as well as the polkodot fabric is what the top of the dust ruffle is made out of.
The bottom of the dust ruffle


  1. so cute! I love it! Wow, what a talented mom.

  2. I'm so pleased you love the way everything turned out. I sure enjoyed making them for you. I see Josh talked you into bows instead of knots. He's quite persuasive, isn't he?

  3. Your Mom did a very nice job! The ties are adorable and the dust ruffle looks really cute! Can she sew my baby's bedding? :)
    (When the day comes) I really am gonna make my Mom help me with my stuff bcuz there is nothing out there that is good enough. :)

  4. I like it too. I think your crib is really cute.

  5. Oh Meagan and Josh the furniture is so cute. Abigail is just going to sleep so well in it!

  6. We were about a mile away from home.

  7. That is seriously one of the cutest bedding sets I have seen! Your mom did great!
    Did you for sure decide not to come to SLC this month?


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