Only single digits left...


I'm sitting here realizing that there are officially just 9 weeks left until our little girl gets here; this shouldn't be surprising considering last week there were 10 weeks left, but it's the fact that there are no more double digit weeks. That is if she comes on time.
I love being pregnant, and realizing I only get a few more weeks of feeling her inside of me makes me sad. You only get a few months of feeling your baby inside of you so I want to cherish every moment; I got a bit teary eyed the other day when thinking it's almost over. I wish time would slow down a bit.
Josh has been able to feel her a lot, and many times he feels her at night while I am sleeping and he says she kicks pretty hard; I thought this would wake me up, but apparently I go out like a light still. She moves the most around 6a.m. and then again at 11p.m. She is just now kind of getting in my ribs, not much though. Once I feel her go towards the bottom of my ribs I block it!! ha. She knows her mommy expects her to descend at that moment,ha, just kidding.
Um, that is weird referring to myself as a 'mommy'.


  1. Oh, but how fun it is to refer to yourself as "Mommy".
    I hope you enjoy your pregnancy as much over the next two months and you don't get too miserable.

  2. Single digits is a big deal. Abi is going to be here so soon. I hope she is preparing well. :)

  3. I remember thinking in the beginning that i can't wait to be out of the single digits so it wouldn't seem like it was taking forever. there was something about telling people I was only 3,4,5,etc months that made people go, oh you have a long time. Now I'm excited to be in the single digits because it means we're close, very close. maybe I could use a little bit more time.

  4. I'm glad that you've enjoyed being pregnant. What a sweet experience that must be! Those are very special memories that you will be able to share with Abigail someday.
    Love you,
    Aunt Diane


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