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A little update on things: We went camping this past weekend with my parents' ward; I was so happy to go camping one last time before we have the baby and thankfully to my mom and dad they had cots and pads for us to sleep on so I wasn't just on the ground with a sleeping bag; otherwise I think I would have been pretty uncomfortable. It was also nice being able to use their RV bathroom rather than a public one, yuck. We had a great time and really enjoyed a relaxing weekend. My favorite part was listening to Josh talk about his mission with a guy from my parents ward who also served in Peru; they had a lot of fun stories. It's so nice being up in the mountains and away from everything. We also enjoyed some of dad's dutch oven chicken and cherry cobbler, it was delicious!! Way to go dad!
Josh is officially an assistant to the Webelo's leader now. He has his first meeting tonight so we'll see how that goes. I think the Webelo's are the 10 year olds, but I know nothing about Scouts really.
I am now 32 Weeks/8 Months along! I still feel really good; have some aches in the back but that's about it. When I ride the bike I have to angle my legs out so they don't hit my belly, ha. I'm just in awe as to how fast this has gone by. We have an appointment this Monday, but I'm not sure what we'll be doing at it, so I'll post about it if there is anything exciting.
Roasting hot dogs...always fun.
Isn't he precious.
Dad and Josh Dutch Oven cooking.
The delicious chicken.

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  1. Weird, I commented on this post yesterday, but something must have happened, because I see no comment. I must have messed up somewhere. :( Anyhow, glad you had a good camping trip. We will be camping next week in Nauvoo, pretty excited. We will see how Rees holds up. I don't think we will have as good of food as you did. :)


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