9 Months!!


Wow, this past Sunday I hit the 9 month mark (36 weeks); I can't believe it. Josh and I went to the doctor yesterday; here we tried to see our little Abigail for the last time before she comes, but sadly she is positioned in a way we just couldn't get a shot. This is somewhat good because she is head down and low in the birth canal so obviously it's a relief to hear she isn't breach. I just really would have liked one last picture of her for the scrap book; c'est la vie. At least we'll be seeing her soon! She is leaving it quite the surprise as to what she looks like, which is fun.
She had her arms in front of her face (this is how she has been every time we have seen her) and Dr.Lynn pushed and pushed trying to get her to budge, but she was content where she was at. Maybe this is a good sign that when she is out of the womb we can just pick her up and carry her anywhere while she is sleeping and she won't budge! ha.
He said she looked about 5lbs and that as of now if she decides to come they won't stop it. We go back in 2 weeks which is when he will check to see how dilated I am and all that jazz. So my friends it is getting close!
I will be posting about my baby shower soon :)


  1. It is getting close. And no worries about not seeing her, you will get to see the real thing so soon and that will be so much cooler than an ultrasound. :)

  2. She sure is stubborn, isn't she!

    Can't wait to see her!

  3. WOW! Time sure has flown. I hope you had a great shower wished I could have been there.

  4. Getting so close! Hope you are feeling well, you look so cute as a little pregnant lady! Best wishes!

  5. Hey Congratulations! I just found your blog and I was so happy to see how pregnant you are! Girls are so much fun. Good luck this next month and keep in touch!

  6. Wahoo! You are almost there. Can't wait to see her. Love ya.


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