Baby guesses...


Here are the guesses for when the babies will arrive...

Dad: Meagan on October 6th @ 5:47pm
Danielle on October 9th @ 3:53am

Mom: Meagan on October 4th
Danielle on October 11th

Danielle: Meagan on October 3rd
Danielle on October 7th

Jeremy: Meagan and Danielle on October 7th

Josh: Meagan on October 3rd
Danielle - no guess since we know the inducing date.

Allison: Danielle on October 4th
Meagan on October 9th

Jeff: Meagan on October 6th
Danielle on October 7th

Meagan: Meagan on October 2nd
Danielle - no guess since we know the inducing date.

Kevin: Meagan on October 1st
Danielle on October 2nd

Sausha voted Danielle would have her baby first.
Sharea voted Meagan would have her baby first.

Brad, Lyndsay, Jon, & still have time to get your guesses in if you want!


  1. Sorry, life's been busy, I can hardly think about my own kids as much as someone else's!

    Here's my guess:

    Meagan will be first (but not on the 3rd, please), if I have to pick a date I'll say... the 4th.

    Obviously I know Danielle's now, and I don't think she's going to be lucky enough to have it on her own before Monday (but then she gets to join the being induced club with me - woohoo!!)

  2. Wait - I'm changing mine, Meagan will be tomorrow!

  3. Why does Lyndsay not want you to go on the 3rd?

  4. I will guess: I too have heard about Danielle, so how about... she (whatever her name is, I haven't heard that) will be born 14 hours after Danielle is 1st induced. And Meagan will have Abby on October 7th in the afternoon.


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