Baby Shower!!


First of all I apologize for taking so long to post this; I said I would do this last week but I was blessed to get the flu! ha. Thankfully I think my sickness is almost over. As long as I am 100% healthy whenever labor happens I'll be happy!
My awesome sisters through me such a great shower and I am so thankful to you guys! It was so nice to have a day to celebrate Abigail and to catch up with people. I loved everything!
My parents really surprised me when I walked outside and saw my sister Allison and nephew Rees sitting there!!! I got pretty emotional because I was so happy to see them! I haven't since last November! Thank you so much mom and dad! And way to go Allison keeping it a secret! ha.
Everything was so cute; Allison made adorable 'Pea in a Pod' themed invites, which were incorporated in to the shower decorations, as well as there was citrus everywhere; Abigail's room is full of the citrus look. I have grown to love this 'Pea in a Pod' the past couple of months; thought about it as a halloween costume for her...what is it about babies dressed up as food that is so cute! ha.
The food was very yummy! I have a lot to compete with for my sister's shower! ha. I could have eaten all day!
My poor little sister Kristin who has 2 sisters showers that she has been stressing about since she lives the closest and has to deal with a lot...I'm sorry we got pregnant so close together Kristin! ha. The games were really fun and unique; not the same old thing which I really appreciate. Thank you very much.
I wish I could thank you guys enough! I love my sisters and I just love my family! I am so grateful for what a wonderful close family we have! I could go on and on.
Thank you everyone for coming; I really appreciate all of you and what you've all done for me in my life.
And thank you mom! I too am sorry to you to make you go through two grand babies right at the same time! You have done way too much for us and I wish I could thank you enough!! All of us are so blessed to have you and we all strive to be as wonderful and amazing as you are!
Thank you thank you thank you!

This is the beautiful quilt my mom made for Abigail! I absolutely love all the bright colors. It has Abigail Kaye in the middle, and adorable puffy white fabric on the back. I am thinking of possibly hanging it so it doesn't get stains on it...we'll see. Thank you mom, you did such an amazing job with all the blankets!

The yummy food! We enjoyed many pina coloda's, cream cheese crab stuffed pastries, fruits, chips and salsa, cheese ball, Rye sandwiches that looked like Bibs, and yummy shrimp cream cheese cucumbers. I loved the cute cupcakes that looked like rattles. You guys did such a great job! Thank you so much! I could have eaten it all myself! ha.

My mom made Abigail a beautiful blessing blanket! I love it and I know it took her a lot of time...thank you mom! She also got me a cute Mobile for the crib! The lower left you can see a picture of me holding a Little Mermaid shirt!! Thank you Allison! (Forgive my double chin look, not sure why pregnancy causes those, ha) And she got Abigail 2 cute blue outfits with adorable shoes!

Abigail will have plenty of blankets! I love my diaper bag...Josh won't be embarrassed to carry it around :)

It took 11 squares of toilet paper to go around my belly. My mom made Abigail an adorable Monkey blanket (Josh especially likes it) My cute nephew Rees. There's the picture of me crying when I saw Allison and Rees. Our cat lying on Abigail's blanket..bad kitty. My mom made a cross stitch of a baby poem which will be hung right by Abi's crib. Danielle and I...pregnant buddies!

The adorable Diaper Cake (these are the best because we can use a lot of diapers!) On the top left are all the Onesies that everyone decorated themselves. The lower right are the cute Favors.


  1. I'm glad you liked your shower. We wanted you to feel special and feel how excited we are that you are having a baby. It was great to see you, and I'm so happy that I was able to see my sisters while pregnant. It was a nice shower with great food. We do have a lot of pressure to do great on Danielle's. :)

  2. What a beautiful shower! How fun, I am glad it was a surprise!

  3. Your mom did a wonderful job on the blankets. Thanks for inviting me, it was fun.

  4. Oh I wish I could have come!! Meghan and I should have made the trip dang it! I almost cried when I saw you crying haha pregnancy hormones! Where did your mom get that cross stitch my mom has that one only in seventies colors haha and I want to make one cuz i LOVE it!! I'm glad you had a great shower.. I'm so happy for you :)

  5. You are very welcome. It's been fun working on the blankets for you and Danielle, along with some other things for these precious grandbabies on the way.


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