Happy 27th Birthday yesterday honey!


Yesterday Josh turned 27! I made a nice dinner for him and made a Rice Krispy Strawberry "shortcake" for his dessert because he thinks these are an amazing invention he needs to start to sell, ha. We are not cake people, but Josh loves these. Obviously they are just like strawberry shortcake just with rice krispy treats instead of angel food cake. Josh loves his Red Sox book my mom got him; it's a book he can read to Abigail to teach her about the Red Sox and their history, ha. He was really hoping for Abigail to arrive on his birthday, but apparently she has a different plan. Thankfully he has come to terms with this. ;) We also had a bonfire at my parents which was really nice; we had some great deep conversations. We always enjoy a nice bonfire.

Anyways...Happy Birthday honey!

PS. For those of you in the family who use the calender Josh and I made last year for Christmas, you will probably be confused because it says Josh's birthday is the 25Th, when it is indeed the 24Th. That's right; out of every one's birthday and all the holidays, Josh messed up on his own birthday, ha.


  1. Yes I was indeed confused!!!! This makes sense now. I hope you don't think I'm a horrible sister-in-law for thinking it was today even though it was yesterday. We were planning on calling this evening.
    Happy Birthday anyway Dude!

  2. Happy Birthday Josh! Your cake looks yummy. Glad you had a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday from us! I've never had a strawberry short krispie, I think it sounds good, as long as the rice krispie is soft, was it?


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