She moves!


Okay a quick update...
We are just 2 1/2 weeks away from Abigail's due date which is insane! Both Josh and I are getting pretty anxious, but Josh is getting a bit impatient. He keeps reminding me he is ready for me to have her now and to just push her out. Yeah, let me get right on that. I noticed we were out all day on Monday walking around random places not doing much and I think it was because he heard that can induce labor. As well as he gave me a foot massage the other day of which he was trying to find the nerves that supposedly induce labor; silly man. He's trying to trick me in to it! ha. I suppose it makes me happy how excited he is, but I do need him to be more patient because our doctor is going out of town this weekend, so Abigail needs to wait till he gets back before she comes anyways.
The hospital bag is ready to go and her nursery is ready for the most part...little things here and there but nothing that is "needed", just wanted. I am still feeling really great, I feel normal actually! I just can't believe she's going to be here in less then a month! Okay I need to go accomplish some things!
Here is a video of a few clips of Abigail moving; it is rare for anyone to be able to feel her besides Josh and I, so this is proof that she does indeed move!


  1. I love that video. Don't you think she is going to love that when she is 8 and can see herself moving in your belly. I imagine that that would be fun for someone.

    I hope she will wait for Dr. Lynn to return, I too rather have my own doctor there.

    Does Josh want to cut the cord?

  2. Woah!!!! She's all over the place! 2.5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tell Josh to try to be patient! Jenna is the only one I carried full term and she was the only one that didn't have jaundice! It's no fun having them early if they have to just go right back to the hospital or sit in a "suntan" bed all day and you can only hold them for 15 minutes every 3-4 hours!! I HATED that with James. Don't worry, she'll be here before you know it and there'll be lots of fun and sleepless nights!!

  4. Holy cow! She seems like a wiggle worm. I think if I had a baby that moved that much, I would be SICK! I can't believe you're down to just a couple of weeks, crazy! I'm so excited for you!

  5. That video is AWESOME! I love that you posted that, it is so crazy that there is a human being moving around inside your belly! Thanks for sharing, that was so cool.

  6. THAT is very cool. I never got to see Asher moving around like that. Of course I was swollen like the Michelin man. :-) Its awesome you caught that on video. I agree with Lyndsay. You want her to come out when she's ready and as close to term as possible. Ash was two weeks early, but I was very lucky that there wasn't anything to worry about. Can wait to see pics of her!


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