Stroller time!


Well we got ourselves a stroller today! We have been waiting till the last minute, and Josh said today that if Abigail wanted she could come tomorrow so maybe we should go ahead and buy one to be ready. very true.
We are very excited because this is the stroller we have been wanting since it is not frilly and it's unisex. We plan on using it for every child. The best part is we got it for 40% off because it was the display model!! Woo hoo! It's brand new! It's only been on display for a little over a month (we know this because we have been going there a million times the past few months, ha) and has no damage whatsoever. When you buy a display it comes with everything, the only difference is it's a final sale; so we couldn't return it if we decided we didn't like it. We love it though! I've only seen good reviews from people!
It felt so awesome to walk out of there with the stroller we wanted for such a great deal! They over charge for baby stuff anyways.


  1. I have that stroller just a different pattern and LOVE IT!! I didn't get to use it much because I had to use a double when she was only 4 months old.. Does it come with the Graco Safe Seat? I like the safe seat cuz it's bigger than most and can fit the baby up to 30lbs!! Kali could still ride in it if she HAD to (although I'd never do that) How exciting :)

  2. What a nice looking stroller, I really like it!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday, sorry I was so anti-social. I just had to get dinner ready for our unexpected guests!!

  3. It's almost time! It's good to be prepared :)

  4. CONGRATS on the purchase. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I love that you got it at a discount!

  5. I like how it looks too. I'm not big on pink ones because what if your next kid is boy, so I think you made a wise choice. Glad you found something you love.

  6. Way cute! You guys are going to be cute little parents! Hope you are feeling well. And, in reponse to your questions, we would like to eventually end up in China or Taiwan someday, but for now, SLC is the place.


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