What's your guess??


Okay family (and friends if you would like)...Dad had a good idea to have a Poll about Danielle and I since we're due just a day apart...

1. Who do you think will have their baby first?
2. What day do you think each of us will have our babies?

Just post a comment or email me with your answers and be sure to include your husband's guesses as well!


  1. I just emailed this too you, so will that work?

  2. jeremys voting the 7th for both.
    i think i'm going on the 7th also because i have NO desire to go any day after the 6th and i don't think she's coming early.
    you, sadly i think will be the 21st. only because josh is so impatient about it that she'll make you wait.. just because she can. (or maybe the 3rd) friday babies are probably fun.

  3. I have no idea which day, but I will guess Danielle will go first.

  4. Well, after having four of my own and two coming before the due date and two coming after it is hard for me to figure this out, but here is my valiant effort. :)

    I believe that Meagan will be first by a day or two. And Danielle sorry dear but I would say your sweet girl might be a day or two over (only because you have no desire to go over; she is going to be stubborn and wait!) Now no cheating by doing squats, going up and down stairs, etc. Although I do have to say that when I did squats with Jurnee if I could have had more endurance it may have brought on labor but I kept getting tired and would have to rest. :)

  5. Kevin says Meagan will have her baby on Oct. 1st and Danielle will have hers on Oct. 2nd.

    Mom thinks Meagan will have Abigail on Oct. 4th & Baby Park will come on Oct. 11th if Danielle doesn't get talked into being induced before then.

    Dad doesn't have a clue just yet.

  6. Does Dad realize he has to guess before the babies come? :)

  7. Hey we did that, there is a cool website that keeps track, but then everyone would have to guess again. Anyway,its expectnet.com. I hope she comes soon, that is so exciting!


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