Baby Update...


Okay we just got back from our appointment...
We were surprised to hear that I have only gone up to 3 cm. after having false labors and contractions for the past 2 weeks, but it's okay :). Dr. Lynn was really surprised to see me there today with out a baby, ha. When he examined me the first thing that came out of his mouth again was "Wow she is so low". So he stripped my membranes I guess; this was not near as horrible as what I thought it would be based on what other women have said. He said with how low she is he counts on seeing me in labor within the next 24-28 hours. So we shall see!
I was sad that he had me set up an inducing for this coming Monday if I haven't had her by then. I was hoping he would let me go up to 2 weeks past the due date before making me induce. So please pray for me that I will not have to be induced.
Well that is it for now. Maybe we'll be in the hospital in the next couple of days! We just visited Danielle and Jeremy and she is doing very well; having contractions every 3 minutes and maybe dilated to a 2. So hopefully we'll be meeting Baby Park this evening!


  1. I had my membranes stripped with Jurnee and delivered her the next day. But I also heard that it is not always effective. Remember that you are still in charge and if you do not feel comfortable about an induction you still have the choice to decide not to. Good luck to you. We are waiting to hear your good news anytime. :)

  2. Blah... silly little baby doesn't want to come yet haha.. well 3cm is better than nothing right.. once you hit 5 it goes fast so you're almost half way there (is what i've heard anyway) I agree with pp.. if you don't want to be induced don't do it.. if you or the baby is in danger than yes by all means but i wouldn't do it until you have to if you want to avoid drugs it'll be easier not to be on pitocin.. I'm sure you already know that though :) I'll pray you go into labor tonight.. my SIL was set to be induced at 7am and her water broke at 4am and she had her baby at 7:45am ha so who knows

  3. thanks for the update. man today is going so slowly, i am so anxious.

  4. Dr. Lynn stripped my membranes with all my pregnancies, not once did it make a difference for me. However, my friend always goes into labor with a day of getting hers stripped. Just like the rest of pregnancy & labor each woman is different!

    I'm sure you won't still be pregnant on Monday, but if you are you can just cancel your inducement. I would absolutely not want to be induced if I was going natural. Speaking to women who've been induced & not been, it sounds like being induced is a lot worse (of course in the end it's all the same but the contractions come lots harder & faster). I had scheduled to have Jenna induced a week before she was due, then changed my mind and just called and cancelled the inducement and set up another regular appointment (at which he told me she was going to be a big baby and we went ahead and scheduled the inducement again for 3 days after her due date).

    You'll probably already have had Abigail by the time you read any of this, anyways!!

  5. Megs, I don't blame you for wanting to delay induction as long as possible given that you want to have a natural birth. It will be that much more difficult/painful with pitocin. My contractions were pretty intense (I was given pitocin) until about 6cm then I got the epidural but heaven only knows how I would have felt if I didn't. I've heard the pitocin really intensifies the contractions. Anyway, hang in there. I feel your pain right now although you seem to be handling it fine. I was miserable at that stage. Chase was 10 days late. And even though I still have 4 more weeks with this one, I am still so ready! Jealous you going now!

  6. Meagan, This is Jaime Thomas, Allison's sister-in-law. I am so excited to see pics of your baby and I really do hope that you don't have to be induced. I was induced with Emma and the drugs for that were worse than labor itself! I bet your doctor's right though, you'll be in labor very soon!


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