Full Term!


Well as of today; October 5th; I am Full Term! The time has just flown by and I can't believe I have been pregnant this long! I still feel really great; pretty normal still, and things are going well. I have no idea when Abigail will decide to make her appearance but we are very anxious and excited to meet her when she does!
Unless she decided to come today, I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see my progress. Two weeks ago I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced and she was as low as she possibly could be. Since then I have had 3 false labors; these are kind of a bummer because they get your hopes up, but at least they are supposed to help me dilate more! So we'll see what happens tomorrow! The false labors are nice little practices for me as well so that's something nice.
We are just so excited! It's fun wondering when she will decide to come! I can't wait to hold her little hands and see what she looks like.
Some other exciting news: Danielle goes in tomorrow morning to be induced so we will get to meet another niece tomorrow!! This will be nice to keep our minds off of our little one coming and will make the day very exciting. I just hope Abigail doesn't decide to come tomorrow as well because then I won't get to focus on meeting my new niece if I am in labor, ha.
PS. I hope you all are enjoying conference as much as I am. I am very excited to listen to President Monson speak. It's nice for Abigail to let us watch it ;) ha.


    I'm enjoying conference but missed a little this morning as sleep sunk in on accident. we've been staying up late the last 2 nights.

  2. I'm so excited for these babies to come! You baby girls are joining some great families!

    Abigail, it is okay if you are a little nervous. Come as soon as you are ready. :) You and Baby Park can come together if that would make it easier? :)

  3. I am so excited to see baby Abigail.. text me when you go into labor. Love ya.

  4. How fun for you sisters. It would be kind of neat if you went into labor yourself tomorrow...crazy...but kind of neat. :)


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