Fun Video...


I made up a video of Abigail's talents...please know that Josh and I are not crazy parent's; we understand she doesn't really know what she is doing since she is only 2 weeks old. It's just fun to play with your baby!
Real quick: The other night we had our first experience with Abigail spitting up like she never has went all over my face and chest. Josh and I were both laughing and pretty amazed by her range.
She is sleeping and eating great! She eats pretty much every 4 hours, and at night she sleeps for 5 hours in between feedings, so we are grateful she allows us to sleep.


  1. Wow! What a little prodigy child you have! Ask her for her advice on the upcoming election, I could use some insight! lol! Cute baby! I am so happy for you guys, what a cute little family you have.

  2. I love so many things in there, Nanna's laugh, Mom is such a good grandma, how talented Abigail is, that girl is a mover, I'm seeing an athlete in her, and her sounds....I'm thinking tummy time might be hard, she will just roll over. :)

  3. That is so adorable, what a little sweetheart. I'm glad you are doing well, you have a cute little family! Oh, I can tell whose looking at the blog by this little traffice feed thing, its called figijet.

  4. That video was hilarious! She is a BRILLIANT baby!!

    And thank you for the birth story. I hope I can do a natural birth too... it would be so empowering. Thank you for sharing how strong Josh was in the whole thing; that was incredible about how vital his support was. I loved the story. You're awesome.


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