Our Miracle Baby...


So much to say...
First of all as of 10:57pm last night Abigail is officially 1 week old! We are so grateful to have her home with us and she has already brought us so much joy and a lot of laughter.
She sleeps and eats really great. She sleeps at least 4 hours at night before I feed her, and then another 3 or 4 hours before she is hungry again; so I feel like I am getting great sleep. I hope she keeps this up for her parents. She took the bottle right away; we give her 1 bottle a day. We just love her so much!
Abigail is such a little wiggle worm; she will end up horizontal in her bassinet, or inch her way to the edge, so we started to roll up blankets to keep her in place so she doesn't smush her face up to the edge. She makes a lot of noises in her sleep, and she will definitely let you know if she is hungry...she is quite the grunter and it's hard not to laugh. She likes her arms and legs to be free, and can really kick and swing her arms...she has nearly hit and kicked us in the face many times, ha. She is our future little black belt. I love how much she moves.
Now for my story about our Miracle Baby...this will sound funny I'm sure, but I am so excited. I have always hated wheat bread, and it's been a struggle; I gag if we have wheat breat in sacrament. It's been a goal of mine to teach myself to like wheat bread. Well the morning after having Abigail I was starving and the nurse brought me a sandwich; it was wheat bread. I decided I would give it a try, and low and behold I loved it! I've been eating wheat bread sandwiches all week! So thank you Abigail! Somehow giving birth to you granted me my wish to like wheat bread! ha. She's my miracle baby.
So here is a video of our little Abigail kicking and moving her arms...she does this a lot. We wondered if she might accidentally roll herself over, she was moving so much, ha. It's like she is just so happy to be out of my womb she can't get enough of how much room she has. :)
Also a few pictures.
I'll post the birth story soon. And Happy 4 years honey! As of today it has been 4 years since Josh and I have been together!

1 week old twin cousins. Abigail looks like such a chunk since she is so small and her clothes all flood her, ha.


  1. Megs! Congratlations, she is beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear all about your amazing birthing experience! You are probably in heaven with your little girl right now but give me a call when you get a chance so we can chat, I've got some stuff to chat with you about! Luvs!

  2. Your sweet girl is BEAUTIFUL! You were so cute pregnant! I'm glad I accidentally crashed your shower. It was really fun to see you and now you're a real mama! Life just gets better and better!

  3. Thanks for the pictures and video! I can hardly wait to meet her!!!

    Maybe I'll be super lucky and whenever we have a baby, I'll miraculously love fruit! haha That truly would be amazing.

    I'm glad to see all is well!
    Love ya!

  4. Oh that was cute, thanks for posting. I love her grunts, that girl looks determined. :)

    love, allison

  5. Ty rolled over at 9 days old! He was our strong little wiggle worm too!

  6. It is kind of interesting what having babies can do for your body. You might find some other changes as well....hope they are just as positive. ;)

  7. My goodness! She is a mover!!! What a great video!

    I am so excited to hear the birth story.

  8. She is darling!!! How exciting! And how neat that she and her cousin were born on the same day...crazy! I love the picture of you guys leaving the hospital, that was a good idea you don't see that very often. I also love the one of you looking at her in her bed thing at the hospital, it is so beautiful. Congrats!


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