1 Month and Abigail's Blessing...


Happy 1 Month Birthday Abigail! I can't believe she is already a month old! She is definitely growing and has quite the personality. Abigail can follow you with her eyes, and I have gotten little smiles, but I'm still not positive it's the real thing yet. And boy can our girl kick and move those arms. We've got a strong and determined one!

This past Sunday Josh gave our beautiful daughter a name and a blessing; Abigail Kaye Bigger. She was blessed in my parents home; which was very special to us to have it in a quiet, small place. Abigail is a name we both loved, and Kaye is after my mom; one of my best friends. I won't go in to the blessing too much except to say that Abigail cried pretty strongly through it all. It was kind of hard not to chuckle when Josh blessed her to be strong...she sure is! :) She definitely knows what she wants and made it memorable;). It was a great day and it was so nice to have all the family (sans Jeff) together. Earlier that day Abigail's twin cousin, Kaylee, was blessed. After a quick feeding, Abigail was very content and did great for the pictures!

Abigail was blessed in the same dress I was blessed in:) And we got her these adorable little booties. My mom bought a cute little bracelet for the girls as well. Thank you mom! They looked so beautiful on their special day.

(I recommend clicking on the pictures so you can see them better.)

Our little family - Four Generations - I love kissing Abigail
Abigail on her first Halloween. She was dressed up as a baby...pretty convincing huh ;) I absolutely love this pic of Abigail on the left! She's so cute! - She loves to sleep on her side, adorable - Abigail on Halloween
Daddy & Abigail sleeping - Nanna and Abigail, I love her little booties - Abigail loves her swing - Grandpa and Abigail sleeping
I love Abigail's face in the left picture - Grandpa Bodily with the twin cousins
The "Bodily' Girls at Danielle's shower - Uncle Kevin & Abigail - The Park Family - Josh's Parent's
And this is my nephew Rees. I never thought I would find a rooster so absolutely adorable!! He made us all laugh. We enjoyed his dancing for us.
I had to end my post with this photo since I love it so much.
Okay I noticed it won't let you click on all the pictures, so I made a slide so you can see them bigger.


  1. You guys look very happy :)

  2. I am so glad all went well. I cannot believe these girls are already a month. That is wonderful you were able to have all your family (except Jeff) with you and Josh's parents.

  3. I love the picture of Abigail and your dad sleeping. It is too cute! I also love the one of her looking over your mom's shoulder.

  4. This sweet little girl just gets cuter and cuter everyday! I want to squeeze her she's so cuddly! <3 aunt danielle

  5. Look at your little smarty holding her head up in the picture with your mom! she is so adorable and I definately see the Bodily side in her. Isn't it exciting to see them grow and develop even though they are still so small. Addy loves her tummy time although she can't roll over yet like Abigail can.

  6. I love the pictures, like the one of her sleeping with her hands all under her head, oh very cute. :)

  7. Oh! She is so cute!! I just can't get enough of her!

  8. The post made me smile. :)


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